Friday, August 11, 2017

Protecting Your Religious Assets against the Unforeseen and Unplanned

Despite being places of refuge and worship, churches can fall prey to the same types of damages and risks that befall other types of properties. They are not immune to circumstances like hail, lightning, wind storms, and fire.

Because your church building and the assets within it may be worth thousands or millions of dollars, you may want to ensure that it is fully protected against events over which you have no control. By investing in surveillance cameras, smoke and fire alarms, and policies for church insurance Florida religious property owners like you can implement the necessary safeguards and have an avenue to recoup monetary losses.

Protection of the Building

Many churches are ornate sanctuaries that are home to priceless relics, beautiful artwork, and other assets that are sentimental and valuable in nature. They may not be able to be replaced if the church falls victim to a fire or flood, however.

Still, as priceless in sentiment and beauty as they may have been, they also may have had a finite dollar value for which you can file a claim and recoup the loss. Your insurance policy may be able to pay you or the parish most or all of the lost items' dollar amount. You can use this money then to buy similar replacements, rebuilding projects, or other uses as you and church leaders see fit.

Intangible Losses

The loss of property is not the only risk you must keep in mind when insuring your church. You also must think about intangible losses due to cyber attacks, abuse claims, and other actions that you might not be able to control.

A cyber attack can rob your church of money in bank accounts, investments, and other monetary assets. The policy helps you recoup the losses so you can continue to pay the parish bills.

A guilty verdict in an abuse lawsuit can take money out of the church's bank accounts as well. The policy may be able to pay the judgment amount and spare the church from further monetary losses.

The power of prayer may only go so far when it comes to protecting your church from both tangible and intangible losses. You can protect artwork, musical instruments, and other valuable property as well as accused employees, cyber systems and computers, and more with insurance policies designed for religious property owners.


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