Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Benefits of Joining a Golf Club

Golf clubs are new alternatives to traditional country clubs that are just as upscale but a little less stuffy. Many of the top clubs today are those that sell membership packages for those who love golfing. In addition to one or more golf courses, most clubs have other amenities like pros who can give you a few lessons and shops that offer equipment and clothing for sale. You'll even find bars and snack shops on-site that let you share a drink after a round or grab a full meal. These clubs offer a number of nice benefits for members.

Free Golfing

Before buying a golf membership, always ask if members receive free golfing passes. These passes let you play a round of golf for free whenever you want. Some courses let members golf for free on weekdays and offer discount rates on weekends. These clubs do not charge any fees for most games because the fee is included in your membership cost. Other clubs charge for golfing but keep the rates low for members. You may have the chance to book tee times well in advance of when you want to play too.

Merchandise Discounts

One benefit of becoming a member is that you usually get a card that qualifies you for discounts on merchandise in the pro shop. The pro shop is an on-site shop that sells equipment and accessories for golfers like new clubs and bags as well as ball markers, hats and shirts. You can get a brand new outfit or purchase the clubs that you always wanted for a low rate. Some clubs offer discounts on special order merchandise too. This refers to any product that the shop does not have in stock but can order for you. You may even receive a discount at the club's bar or restaurant.

Guest Passes

As a member of a golf club, you can usually request guest passes too. These passes let you play with friends and family who do not belong to the club. The club may limit the number of passes that you can request in a year or restrict you on when you can bring others into the club. Guests must follow all the rules of the club during their visits. Anyone who loves golfing and plays regularly will find some great benefits associated with becoming a golf club member.


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