Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Planning a Winter Road Trip

Packing for winter road trip.

A winter road trip is a fantastic family holiday. The scenic views, skiing, skating and exploring the wintery wildlife are all wonderful ways to escape and relax. But winter trips bring challenges you don’t face during the summertime, and some extra planning will go a long way. Here are some top tips for planning your next winter road trip.

Plan Your Route

Once you’ve decided where you want to go on your winter road trip, it’s time to plan out your route. Here are some things to plan out:

  • Exactly which roads you’ll take 
  • Where the gas stations are 
  • Where the motels are 
  • Where the emergency services are in each town 
  • Safe places to stop in case of emergency
As well as knowing your route inside and out, it’s important to plan for challenging conditions. Before you leave, make sure to check on weather reports and traffic reports. If there are any areas that suffer from bad weather, have back-up routes planned out so you don’t get held up. 

When you go on your trip, take a GPS system with you as well as physical maps which will keep you on track and safe on your journey.

Plan for Snow and Ice

No winter road trip would be complete without snow and ice. And although they make any winter road trip magical, they can pose a serious challenge when driving. Make sure to plan ahead by packing de-icer, a shovel, sand, tire chains and other essentials that will make driving a little easier.

Plan Lots of Breaks

If you’re going on a long road trip, make sure to plan lots of breaks along the way. These breaks are good for both you and your car, and will keep your family from getting restless. There are many sno-park stops across the US that are perfect break points on a winter trip. Go online and search for these on your route to decide the best places to stop.

Plan an Emergency Car Kit

It’s difficult to think about an accident happening on a fun family road trip, but preparing for the worst is important, especially in the winter months. Make sure your car is fully stocked, should you break down far from help. Think about packing a first aid kit, flares, extra food and water, warm clothing and blankets. An emergency car kit will come in handy and keep your family safe in an emergency.

Prepare Your Car

Getting your car ready for the winter drive is essential. Carry out some basic checks including checking your battery, oil, brake fluid and tire tread to make sure your car is prepared for the journey. Think about switching to all-weather tires to give you the best chance of driving safely on snowy roads.

This complete guide shows you exactly how to prepare your car for a winter road trip, as well as giving useful tips on how to pack and prepare for your journey.


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