Friday, May 18, 2018

How to Find Horse Jumps to Fit Your Budget

Creating a budget for horse jumps should look at the long-term benefits as much as the immediate amount of cash paid. Cheaper is not better when it comes to factors like durability and safety. 

Durability of Materials

Wood horse jumps have proven to provide long-term durability with steady use over any other material compositions. You can feel the difference when mounting the poles. You can feel confident that it is an investment in your jumping program that will outlast any other product you have tried. You run less risk of injuring the horse from splintered plastics and worn equipment.

When a Sturdy Product Counts

It is hard to feel good about standard jumps made of plastic material. It might work well without a breeze and until it begins to weather. The plastic will break down, become brittle and hazardous to use. Wind will knock the plastic jumps over and that can prove dangerous at a critical moment. You can end up with a hurt horse and rider. Wood horse jumps never require sandbagging to stay in proper position.

Building Confidence for All Jumping Levels

You and your horse will feel more confident about each jump when using quality equipment. You can concentrate more time on perfecting your jump routine without the worry of possible injuries or equipment performance issues.

Finding Affordable Customization

You will be happier with an investment in horse jumps that are customized to your desired colors, business, or organization name. You can choose colors that make a bold statement about your style or request your college color combination. You can have this done affordably by experts in constructing wood pole horse jumps.

Take Advantage of Sales and Special Discounts

You  can save even  more money by  taking advantage of  sales prices,  discounts  or   purchasing used horse jumps from outlets like Old Dominion Jumps. Choose from the more popular styles as well as everything from amateur to professional grade capabilities.

The equipment you use to prepare your horse and rider for horse jumping competitions can make a huge difference in competition results. Switch to a solid wood construction for more durability and better performance over a longer period of time.


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