Thursday, August 2, 2018

Plan the Best Sweet 16 Party for your Daughter

A Sweet 16 party is one of the biggest and most memorable parties for girls across the world. Celebrating a girl's 16th birthday is a time to make new memories with friends and family while also embracing her transition into adulthood. When you are planning a Sweet 16 party for a special girl in your life, keep these tips in mind.


Set a budget before you begin planning a Sweet 16 gathering, especially if you plan to hire DJ services and other forms of entertainment along with catering. Determine the number of guests you plan to invite to the event and how much food, drinks, and entertainment cost per guest (based on your current plans). If you are unsure of how to go about planning a Sweet 16 alone, consider hiring professional party planners to lend a hand.


Finding the perfect venue for a Sweet 16 celebration is one of the most important decisions you will make during the planning process. Visit and compare local venues along with their rental prices, accommodation capabilities, and the type of seating and entertainment available. Take the birthday girl's own personal preferences into consideration when selecting a venue on your own for a surprise Sweet 16 party.

Choose a Theme

Choose a theme that resonates with the birthday girl when planning a Sweet 16. What are her favorite colors? What type of music does she prefer and listen to most? Is your birthday guest of honor a fan of "glitz and glamour" or does she enjoy a low-key party atmosphere? Ask close friends and family members for input when deciding on which theme to go with when shopping for decorations.

Hire Professional Party Planners

Hiring professional Sweet 16 party planners NJ is a way to bring any vision for a party you have in mind to fruition. Professional party planners are experienced and work well with budgets, hiring staff, and delivering high-quality entertainment to any venue.

Planning ahead for a Sweet 16 and working together with professional party planners is a way to make the most out of a special bash for any birthday girl in your life.


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