Thursday, September 13, 2018

Three Benefits of Buying a Used Piano

Learning to play the piano is a dream for a lot of people. Playing a musical instrument is a rewarding hobby regardless of how good you get. You don't need to play like a pro to get something out of playing the piano.

The primary reason people avoid getting their first piano is the cost. Visit any music store Boston has to offer and you will see just how expensive a brand new upright piano can be. Fortunately, used pianos are available for you to purchase. Here are three reasons to consider purchasing a used piano.

1. Cost - Price is the most common reason aspiring pianists choose a used piano. Pre-owned instruments are priced to sell, sometimes at less than half the price of their new counterparts. Taking advantage of this can help you get a world-class used model of piano at the price of a cheaper new model.

2. Broken In - Unlike cars, used instruments are sometimes better than new. The keys are broken in and comfortable to play and the wood has aged, usually giving it a better resonance. This aged look is also appealing to people who like to have a vintage look when they decorate their home. A piano is just as much a piece of furniture as it is a musical instrument.

3. Value - Musical instruments hold their monetary value well as they age. When you purchase a used piano, you are already skipping the phase of its lifespan where it loses its value. Most of the time, you can seel a used piano down the road for close to its purchase price. Of course, you must maintain its condition for this to be true.

These are three great reasons to buy a used piano. Before you choose the instrument you want, have it inspected by a piano tuner or technician. They may notice issues with the instrument that an inexperienced shopper may not know about.

Used pianos are often very easy to rebuild. Before you do, make sure it's not worth more in its original condition. Many vintage instruments maintain their value with the original parts regardless of their condition.


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