Monday, August 1, 2022

Recreational Game Bonding with the Family

Having a big family requires a lot of attention and recreational time for the kids to enjoy family bonding together. It’s when they spend their time away from school and from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. As a Mom I usually spend my weekends cooking for my family for them to enjoy not just our time together but their favorite foods as well especially when I have free days away from my work. At the end of the day we spend the rest of our time either watching netflix shows or playing games be it real games or free online games. Kids these days are fond of playing online games which requires creativity and fun actions. 

My kids enjoy fast paced games like network gaming, word games or puzzles that brings out the best of their intellects, as long as the challenge is there they seem to like it. I join them when they play online word puzzles like scramble video game.  The game is very interesting and having played scrabble and word factory games a lot I seem to enjoy it. In this game you just use whatever letter tiles you see in the playing field to create words, you type it and submit. I need to be fast in creating and submitting words or the letters will pile up and gets jumbled. I get excited whenever I finish one level after another. It brings out the best of my vocabulary words and I also learn from it. I’m actually amazed that my kids are even faster that I am. 

My son who loves blocks usually plays minecraft and tetra blocks game as he feels good setting up all those blocks into some sort of order. Though it’s easy on the starting point it gets harder when you miss the right order of blocks and the tower gets higher and movements get faster. Well this is also my favorite and I can play it with much ease and comfort just like my son. We reached higher points than others and we just love playing it over and over again especially when we see the stars brighten upon connecting them next to each other. Games can really make you young at heart. 

My husband sometimes splurge into playing to rest his mind off his busy work schedule but he relaxes when playing the good old school game solitaire as it’s a really relaxing game where you can play at your own pace, just thinking on the moves and completing the pile of cards. He just needs some concentration and he can enjoy it without pressure. Well everyone has their own preferences when choosing games and it always depends on what triggers your curiosity or what challenges you more. What matters also is enjoying every minute of playing so it will be a happy moment not just for you but for the whole family as well. So whenever you have free time from your busy work days start your own family game bonding and look out for some free, fun games on


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