Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun Ranch Moments

We were heading home after a whole day fellowship in Cubao when the kids asked us (my hubby and me) if we could have snack at SM Hypermart in Pasig City. I agreed and also let them see the Tiendesitas where you can stroll through tiangge and eat in the big open area surrounded by food stores, wide variety of seafoods, meat, veggies, fruits and drinks to choose from. After the snack at Go Nuts and grocering at SM we entered Fun Ranch - place for kids where there's a huge playplace. They encouraged my kids to enter the place and told me that they're letting the kids play without fee because the birthday party held there just finished and they will close in about 40 minutes. Josh, Gen and Ruth were very happy that we dropped by there. They rounded the big place and played there for about an hour with their daddy inside to watch them. They let parents go with the toddlers to ensure safety. In about an hour after they were smiling endlessly - tired but happy.


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