Monday, August 20, 2007

Moments with Ruth

It’s the 10th birthday of Julianne Ruth, my first baby whom I named after my father (Julian) and from the book of Ruth which I admire for her unwavering faith and loyalty. She’s one of the admirable character in the bible. I derived all my kids’ names from the Old Testament because I believe that the name somehow affect the character of the person.

When I gave birth to her I’ve undergone two delivery procedures, first attempt was normal delivery then I ended up in an operating room – a caesarean delivery due to small pelvic bone. I was awake when Ruth came out of my womb just a little bit dizzy but conscious enough to see her normal, healthy and pretty. She has the look of a ‘bumbay’ with deep set eyes and bedimpled cheeks. She got the looks of my Turkish looking hubby. As they always say the first born normally gets more from the father. True because my other two younger kids took after me.

We didn’t plan anything for her birthday she just told me she wants us to take them out in the mall, play games etc. So we just bought her a cake, prepared some food – spaghetti, puto, palabok and their favorite fried chicken. We had a breakfast birthday celebration. We decided to go to the opening hours of the malls to avoid the crowd, the kids were very happy hopping in from one game to another in Tom’s World. I was the photographer while their daddy assisted them in all their games. When we finally arrived home she embraced me and whispered ‘Thanks Mom for a great day and kissed me, I kissed her back and told her ‘ Love you baby’.


Jona October 10, 2007 at 9:20 PM  

You have raise a nice and beautiful daughter Race... Parang kelan lang yon when u had her but time is passing by so quick..Keep it up great mom..

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