Tuesday, December 18, 2007

St. Audry's Christmas Program

I was getting rushed as our service vehicle for school was late again. He's always like that on a Monday just like me having Monday sickness lol! I filed my leave so I can be with Josh, school directress and teachers invited parents to be with their kids for us to see the students' variety of presentation. All students wear red just like S.Claus costume. I asked if we can skipped wearing the costume but my teacher friend Janet suggested that we'll just wear it there during the program. Costume was made by my friend Annie Z. who's always there to help me out with my three kids' costume everytime the need arises. Anyway there's a lot of presentation but what I liked most is the presentation of the birth of Jesus Christ - the real reason for this season. Small kids were made to look like Mary, Joseph, angels, three Kings and shepherd. Glad they all behaved :-)


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