Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Josh' First School Christmas Party

It's Josh Christmas Party in school and we were notified by school that no parents are allowed to accompany their kids on the party, if stage mothers (lol) insisted to be there at the party they just have to be at the school gate. With this notice I finally surrendered to my idea of coming to his party and informed the office that I will not be on leave today. Still I fixed Josh gifts and things murmuring to myself that we should be allowed to go with them though I praise the teachers for their decision because sometimes parents are overdoing things and the school grounds would just be full of doting parents. Kids will learn how to be independent. Since I still have enough time I dressed my little prince to be sure he'll look good. I left the house feeling good that I saw how my kid looked in his polo and slacks. Cute little boy(trust Mommy to always say that to their babies lol!) he always want to be groomed like that.


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