Monday, March 24, 2008

Calling Your Loved Ones In India

I learned from a former officemates that many of our senior Engineers in the office are working abroad in India now; there are a lot of job opportunities for civil engineers who have lots of design, construction and consultancy experiences in the field of road improvement and bridge construction. And you’ll be amazed at their salaries because their salaries here are only 20% of their present salary there, great job opportunity for them and big bucks for their families here. I also learned that some of them migrated to USA after one or two years there. They really like to explore countries who would give them and their family a better means of living.

But working abroad and staying away from your family brings too much homesickness and loneliness. And what’s the best remedy for this longing? Try to communicate always by calling them and if you’re worried about the cost you can use india prepaid calling card, a product of True roots, an international calling service with exceptional rates especially for India. They offer highly competitive rates for India with the best voice quality and uninterrupted connection. They provide advance features like instant recognition of calling line ID for PIN-less dialing from up to 5 registered numbers, speed dial capabilities up to 5 numbers, last number redial, and can make follow-on calls without redialing the access numbers.

Relatives, family and friends can easily get in touch without having to worry about the cost. They also have 24/7 365 days customer service support that will guarantee assistance to customers anytime of the day. Now you can call india every occasion in your life, anytime of the day. Soon they will not only sell prepaid cards as they will launch a media hub for their customers to have exclusive access to full length movies, TV series, sports coverage, music downloads and a lot more great products from them.


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