Sunday, March 9, 2008

Experience Exchange Workshop

Finally we had the Experience Exchange workshop which was recently postponed for a much convenient day which for me is Friday, the last of our working week. Participants were employees of sister companies Design Science, Inc. and BT&T Telecoms. workshop started at 8:30 and finished at 5:00pm leaving a touch of closeness among the two companies of our dear boss,Sir Bob. The occasion was arranged and managed by Ms. Berry up to the last details of the workshop including food.
Experience exchange was a time that we shared and validated the best of our Work life. It's the time that we knew one another by listening each opinion and views what's the meaning and relevance of integrity and stewardship in the workplace and how we understand its application in the concrete. The objectives of this workshop is to help us understand that no man is an island and good working relationship is imperative and very crucial in our work life. As employees we come to office to work 8-5 everyday from Mondays to Fridays but due to pressures of work we never really took the time to understand the basic key to a successful workmanship.
This workshop has encouraged all of us to pursue greater level of openness and teamwork which is vital in our work to achieve our goals and objectives in doing our assigned duties and responsibilities.
Mr. Danny Carreon our workshop guru was very enthusiastic in asking us if we're enjoying the workshop and I'm so eager to tell him that it's great doing this kind of thing, makes us realize the value of a good steward in our workplace and accept our little flaws as employees. The mission of this workshop is for us to be a committed men and women of action.
In the afternoon we had our group team exercise of airplane building contest to exercise our teamwork and apply what we learned earlier about integrity, stewardship, workmanship, good group planning and working as a team to achieve goals and objectives in achieving projects.


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