Thursday, March 6, 2008

Get The Right Training

Training is a good way of enhancing skills and knowledge, more often it also brings out the best and worst in a person. We had some training few years back in BT&T In-house Training Center about telephone etiquette, proper phone skills and team management. In those training we were asked to pronounce words clearly, taught what’s the right telephone etiquette and how to answer the phone properly. In the afternoon we were divided into two groups and each were given tasks and problems. Solutions lies mainly on how the group will use all their skills and capabilities to practice team management.

The training has helped me a lot on how to deal with people with the right and proper attitude. It also taught me how unity and cooperation can be used to ensure the team’s success in all their endeavours. I didn’t see any negative results in our training, all were positive results. Here at they offer training for Plumbing Courses, Sales Courses and Management Courses. Whatever course you want they have training agents highly qualified to teach and approved training centers to cater for all your training needs. Register now!


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