Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Gift From Cous Megan

Gen was so happy when her Auntie Zeny and cousins Shan and Megan had a two-week vacation here in the Philippines. Her granny (Ed's Mom) was teasing and asking her if she had practiced her English because she would be needing them when they arrived. Gen was always our charming little girl who always cracks a joke about something but this time it’s us who’s joking about her coming cousins. The last time her cousins were here in the Philippines was 7 years ago and a lot of transformation happened since they saw each other; they were babies/toddlers then both 2 years old. Since 2 weeks has passed since Gen’s birthday Megan has prepared a gift for her and upon our first visit in their hotel Megan gave it to her and oh Gen was so happy, know why? It’s a Motorola Hot Pink cellophane W375, perfect for my little Gen. Though Ruth was older than Gen and ought to have a mobile first it’s ok for Ruth as her auntie promised to give her also on the next visit in a few months or one year I guess.


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