Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Europe's Dream Vacation

Are you dreaming about a European vacation package? Well, my cousin is crazy about it. She’s been saving half of her salaries for her dream vacation in Europe. She likes to travel and every time she took a break from her work and hectic schedule she book for an overnight hotel stay in one of our country’s tourist spots like Boracay and Bohol. She’s been like that and she can afford it because she’s single and has no restrictions from her family.

Lately during our conversation about my bestfriend’s vacation in Australia she told me that her savings might be enough for the grand vacation in Europe. We went online to look for the best places and accommodations for her plan. We found site and to our heart’s delight the site has a comprehensive lists of hotels and accommodation packages that’s right for her budget.

She immediately picked London and why? Because London has an array of world class entertainment and business facilities and she wants to see Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and some other destinations. She wanted to have a relaxed and hassle-free stay at some of the best London hotels there. Next destination is of course Rome because that cousin of mine loves to explore deep into the ruins of the early European culture as you know Rome has been the cradle of civilization and my cousin was so excited at the thought. She’ll be staying in one of the Rome hotels to be there for a couple of days. Yes around one week to fully round up the place and to visit the world famous paintings of world-renowned artists and of course to smell the romantic scent of Rome.

She asked if I’ll be with her where would I want to travel aside from her destination cities I told her maybe I’d like to go to Spain and book to some nice Barcelona hotels there particularly the Hotel Condal Barcelona which is located in one of the loveliest streets in City Centre. I want to go there because I want to see where my dear godmother Glory has lived in the past years. My godmother Glory married a sweet loving Spanish but after some years she died unexpectedly after she was diagnosed to have a stage 3 cancer. I missed her so much that I want to see the land where she lived half of her life. She was my father’s best friend and been so good and caring to me when I was a child.


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