Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ruth Assists The Graduates!

Early morning I accompanied Ruth to their meeting place - in their school but when we arrived there before 7am we discovered that we're the first to arrive there. I was wondering why the other 9 girl scouts weren't there, I was asking Ruth if she got the time right when someone waved to us, her teacher. Teacher Fely told us that graduation is really 8am and the reason why they told the students that they should be there at 7am was for them to be prepared early, anyway can't take the hours back now. She told me to leave Ruth to her so I can go to office and not is late, she's really nice.

My daughter and 9 other girl scouts will assist in the graduation rites of the grade six students; they will handle small things but nevertheless will be of much help to their teachers in a small little way. I saw Ruth's excitement in the coming activities so I let her volunteered to be one of the group. She woke up and dressed early. I just made sure that she has eaten her breakfast well and we went to school. I backed her up when her daddy asked why she will go when there are others who are a lot older than her. I told him Ruth wanted to experience being an assistant in a grand activity in her school so I let her commit herself. I even talked to my friend Annie, mommy of her classmate to look after Ruth and she volunteered her husband to bring her home. Annie was a co-PTA officer for four years and we became good friends ever since so we help each other on whatever way we can. Good friends are really dependable, thanks Annie!

Ruth was very happy telling me what happened when I called her from my office, she was very excited when she told me what they did, watched and ate. I'm glad I let her participate in school activity and made her happy!


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