Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Donate A Boat

Did you ever realize how lucky you are that you have a nice shelter and a complete family to help you get through life’s journey? Well, you should be thankful that you didn’t suffer the agony of being orphaned, homeless and delinquent. We’re so blessed with many things that others were deprived of so we should share some of our blessings in life. Some people endowed with a lot of fortune spend their lives by sharing part of their riches to charitable organizations.

We should find time and ways in sharing love to our less fortunate brothers. If you want to help by other means instead of cash money you could donate a boat. Boatangel accepts different kinds of boat donations like fishing boat, cabin cruiser boat, bowrider boat, ski boat, sailboat and many other kinds of boat. They’re encouraging people with used boat to donate for a cause so they can have the money for creating and distributing children’s animation DVDs. This is a unique and brilliant idea of raising funds to help orphans, homeless, single moms, teen and adult rehab and prison reforms. Boat to donate project of this site is a great help especially those with drug dependency, have also seen from this site some very nice documentary about drugs and those people who got hooked on drugs and survived addiction. So help them materialize their good deeds, donate a boat now!


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