Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grand Old Piano And My Father

Know how old this piano is? I'll let you count... My father bought this old piano way back 1952 and when I was a child I always heard him telling us it's an American grand old piano. My father didn't enrolled in a music school or trained in some tutorial lesson but he studied playing piano by himself, though he's not a professional one he can make himself happy that he can play it.
Because of old age the piano lost it's nice tune and somewhat looked rundown especially when the owner passed away. It only served as an ornament and a stand for my graduation picture frame for the past decades until my brother (also a music lover) enrolled his kids in piano classes. Even if they have a modern piano he still find it his duty to restore our old piano. It was hard bringing it down the house and it took 5 people to carry it, some of the most heavy parts were separated.
After two weeks it was returned to its old radiance and beauty. My brother spent P25k just to restore it back but the it's worth it as it also restored many sweet and memorable moments of our life with our father when he was still alive. Everytime I see it in my brother's house I felt something good inside me and it's like my father was beside in that old piano chair teaching how to put my fingers on it. I miss him.


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