Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Me Calling Cards

My friend informed me that she’ll be going to California for her father’s birthday and her sisters will be joining her there once she’s arrived. She’ll bring along her daughter with her but sad that she’ll be leaving her husband. Her husband’s work is at its peak during summer so it’s not possible for him to take a two-weeks vacation off his work. My friend was sad at the thought but accepted and respected her husband’s decision not to go with them. Anyway there’s still some occasions in the future where they will be complete.

Upon arriving at her father’s house in California my friend sent an email to me that she and her daughter have arrived safely and she wanted to personally talk to me on the phone, you know even if instant online messaging is good it’s still best hearing the actual voice. She immediately called me and we had an hour conversation, wow! She’s happy that she used Get Me calling cards, an international phone cards specializing in calls from United States to any destination country. is one of the largest online retailers of high quality and low rate international phone cards. They have variety of cards from major vendors that allows you to call from over 153 countries. Her father is using their Philippines Phone Cards whenever he feels he missed my friend here in Manila. All of my friend’s sisters were already there in different areas in California so he feels he should be calling my friend more often being left here in the Philippines. He finds it very convenient to call using get me calling cards because it’s pinless, rechargeable and can be used to call from around the world.


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