Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cholesterol Count

As I'm taking a low-carb diet these days I've been reading about cholesterol content of foods that we usually eat because it's also important to take note of the most common causes of health problems - the cholesterol. Diet is not only for making yourself slimmer but the most important aim is to keep yourself healthy and strong, fit for everyday living free from sickness. For working moms like me the most common problem why we tend to be fat is the lack of time planning and preparing separate food for us, separate because what we should eat should be less in everything - in carbo, fat,sugar and meat. In short, not very delicious food :-) but healthy. Of course our family should not suffer from this so the best is to prepare different kind of food for ourselves. Hard part is it will take part of your precious time but it will be worth it. Anyway here's the table for you readers and friends, it might be of help to you, just a thought hmm!


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