Friday, May 2, 2008

Expressway Traffic

We had a somewhat slow but safe travel yesterday as we together with our church friends went to our favorite resort in Pansol at Calamba, Laguna. We started late in our travel, we were fetched in our house at past 6am and since it's May 1, national holiday for Laborers, traffic was all over South Luzon expressway. Yes it shouldn't be called express at this time of the year because you'll have difficulty traveling in that place. There's plenty of road construction and lots of road rerouting resulting zigzag driving (have enclosed some pictures here). I had chances of taking pictures because we're on a very slow pace and I was getting bored then. Well maybe after these things were finished we'll have a nicer South Luzon Expressway, just hoping that toll gate fees will not increase because of these road improvements. Calamba was nevertheless busy at this peak season of swimming and outing, we were really hot when we finally reached the place. I was glad that my Josh finally stopped complaining that it's been taking us too much time to reach the resort, he was just excited you know!


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