Friday, May 2, 2008

Get Together

It's nice to be in Pansol again and of course to our favorite villa resort, a very simple one but because we've been hiring the place for 4-5 years now the price is very affordable to us. We're always hiring the place every Jan.1, May 1, on every baptism and on some birthday or other special occasions. The caretaker was so nice to deal with that's why even if the place have only two pools, small one for the kids and another for adults. We're a group of people who always love to spent holidays together and we love swimming be it on a pool or on beach resort. We prepared mechado, pancit and spaghetti alongside with roasted eggplant and barbeque. The kids stayed on the pool the whole day just leaving the pool when hungry, they were happily shouting when we reached the place and right there and then went to the pool and began swimming and playing. In the afternoon after making sure that my kids were with their daddy on the pool I took a nap. and a half, just waking up to a call for spaghetti It was a very relaxing nap of an hour snack. We prepared to return back to Manila around 5-6pm.


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