Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grocery Day

Had one of those marketing and grocering days last Saturday but the happy part of that day was I brought along my kids, all three of them to market. First we dropped by the nearest booth of donuts, their favorites whatever the brand is just as long as it's a donut :-). As they happily walked with donuts in their hands I introduced them to things present in the market, fish, meat, chicken, fruits and vegetables.

We even entered the clothes shops there and I let them choose their personal things like sleep and housewear. It's pretty economical to buy there than on big department stores. After having bought all food items there we then crossed the overpass to eat at robinsons and buy some grocery items there including chicken which I personally prefer to buy in supermarkets especially when it's not early morning. Yes I only buy at wet markets if it's newly dressed.

It's nice having my kids accompany me on my marketing as I personally asked them what they want for our viands, kids also have preferences you know! I let them choose juices, biscuits, cupcakes, cereals, spreads and milk. They also love food shopping just like mommy :-)


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