Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shopping for School Things

It's school shopping once again, so after the enrollment I want to have an early shopping for school supplies to avoid rush and stampede on bookstores :-) We were just having a break time from our fellowship and we walked to the nearest mall in SM Cubao and Alimall. We let the kids choose the bags that they want and after inspection and everything we paid and hopped to their favorite branch of National Bookstore where they spent quick malling on Sundays. My kids especially Ruth and Gen were always there the reason why they want to buy their school things there. They say it's easier because they almost knew everything that the store has.

I've seen Ruth in SM getting a little teary-eyed as there are more people there and she can't fix her mind on choosing her things, she gets upset and I told her to give up and we'll just go to NB-Alimall. Glad I had 50% discount on Josh' bag as my bills are getting bigger huh! I just want to buy at SM because there are lots to choose from. It was a quick 30-minute shopping at the bookstore as we didn't bring the car and it's starting to rain, it's just a 5-10 minute walk to the church. Also our afternoon service will start in an hour, I'm just glad that my kids are big enough to understand the value of time and of hurriedly getting back to church for the service. I helped choose things and we successfully finished our marathon shopping. They were so excited with their school things.


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