Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Workspace

In my job dealing with project management I learned the value of group unity and good communication among staff involved in project. It’s very important for the group member to inform each and everyone in the work group the status and progress of their projects. To attain success there must be solid project collaboration where the whole group is expected to share information, communicate and connect with the group. Without these factors project may suffer.

To help project teams to connect easily with their members they need to have an online file sharing just what we’re doing when we were doing bidding documents. With these easy-to-use features from Project Spaces workgroups can easily share online information without having to leave their own computer or work area. Project Spaces is an easy and fundamental way to have your online workspace without having to deal with complicated programs as it’s user-friendly. No need to have training to use it.

What’s good about
online workspace is that it’s easy to setup, very functional and with many features that users will enjoy having. Some of their key features are document library for file management, email lists for facilitating discussions, tasks, calendar, collaborative online documents, announcements and many others. All are meant to simplify and improve management. Prices varies according to plans and no need to worry about selecting one because you can upgrade, downgrade and cancel anytime.


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