Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Touched

Was crying yesterday night when I read my sister's post for Mother's Day. I was redirecting her blog to her domain name and adding some links when I saw her post titled Super Moms. It was an appreciative gesture on her part for my Mom's good upbringing to us despite of the hardships that came our way. As I go along her post I started to reminisce how my Mom raised us beautifully despite what happened to my father. He had a stroke when I was 13 yrs. old transforming our way of life from being luxurious to simple living. This didn't discouraged my mother from getting on with rising and giving us the best of her care, love and financial support. She was a teacher then and she imparted to us the value of education in one's life. Despite being the sole breadwinner she succeeded in making all three of us graduate from college in our chosen field of studies.

Last part was all about me, my office works, my kids and all my struggles in life trying to be the best in both worlds and that's being a career woman, a wife and a mother. She used to call me wonder woman in the past and seeing that alias in her post made me realized that she really thinks so! Actually she's also the best sister for me as she's always there to help, support and advice me whenever I need her and whatever it is. We're like best friends only if you see us, we don't look the same having acquired features from different side so people who don't know us always mistaken us for being friends and not sisters.


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