Friday, May 9, 2008

Trade Show Displays

I’m working at one of the pioneering telecommunications company which offers prepaid cards, affordable calls abroad, value-added services and many others. We cater to IDD needs of call center, corporations and small entrepreneurs. To promote our prepaid products we participate in mall exhibits and trade show displays as an added marketing on our side. Thus, people get to know our company and products and lead to meeting prospective clients. Exhibits are really meant for that to introduce, to market and to boost sales of products.

To present our corporate services we make preparations to produce promotional leaflets, brochures, application forms if a client wants to register immediately and most importantly banners. These were done because banners and banner stands are the ones that are first seen by the public and would be clients. It should be catching attention or people will just pass by your display. When I’m strolling at the mall I get to see various forms of banner and the more attractive the banner is the more people you get to see your display.
At Camelback Displays you’ll see provisions of all types of banners and banner stands be it retractable, non-retractable, telescoping, motorized scrolling, specialty banner, outdoor type and multiform. They help small and big companies with their presentation requirements and offer several types of modular and collapsible truss products with custom options and designs available for all types of truss display requirements.


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