Friday, May 9, 2008

What Does Your Birth Month Mean

Your Birth Month is December

You love life and exude an outgoing, cheerful vibe.

Blessed with a great sense of humor, you can laugh at adversity.

Your soul reflects: Celebration, success, and wealth

Your gemstone: Blue Topaz

Your flower: Narcissus

Your colors: Indigo, green, and blue-green

What Does Your Birth Month Mean?

Your birth month reflect some personality that sometimes
we're not aware of but if ponder on your traits and habits
you'll see that somehow it's partly you.

If you want to know what does your birth month mean
you can take this tag and have fun knowing YOU!

I'm tagging JennyL, JennyR, JenGlomar, Emzkie, Yen, Lutchi and whoever wants this tag!


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