Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boss' Birthday

After the live demo of customized sales force solution all BT&T staff prayed and ate lunched together for our boss’ birthday. It’s Sir Bobby’s 30th birthday but he looks like he’s in his middle twenties only. Some people are like that – they never seem to grow old, some grows old early in life. I must admit that those with chinky eyes look younger than their age just like JennyL.

Of course everybody was there including our dear Sir Bob. As usual we have the company’s all-time favorite Pancit (not me of course coz I’m a pasta lover), liempo and lechon manok from shopwise, double dutch ice cream and drinks. We never had the time to prepare for a fruit salad. Forgive my picture because the celebrant is not there, he's on a phonecall when i took the picture.


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