Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Customizing BT&T Sales Force

We had a seminar demo on Sales Force with an objective in customizing our company’s Sales and Marketing Department and possibly Technical Department too. We included Ms. Bea based in New York using YM just like video conferencing, it’s really amazing using the latest technology. The agenda for this demo are IP-Convergence profile, Salesforce, Live Demo of SFDC for BT&T and Investment Summary. The account manager of IP Convergence Ms. Lhen first introduced their company and summarized objectives and services. She then included discussing their partners and the companies that they bought.

IP-Convergence provides data center services and customized solutions for companies on their sales force, technical and many other aspects of services. They would have to make a solution for our company’s required services such as complete monitoring of the whole business, standardizing sales methodology/process and gain standardized reports for monitoring of user department/group.

Hope that this will eventually be used in our office to customize our America Calls project.


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