Saturday, June 14, 2008

CCS84 Forum

Have signed up now on my batchmates' forum prepared by Bes JennyL. Our high school batch is arranging and planning on our silver alumni homecoming next year, wow! I myself can't imagine or believe that our batch, the 'bagets era' were into our silver anniversary. Batchmates living abroad are the most active like Joanne who prepared the formal letter to all our alumni to get out of their shell (well that includes me as I'm only reading the yahoo groups not commenting on anything) and suggest something for the homecoming.

That touched my heart, I felt the drive and effort made by others and I volunteered to print the letter for our batchmates who are not techy meaning those who don't have the time or interest to go online. Then JennyL made a forum and that triggered a lot. Hope many of our batchmates join the forum for easy communication for all of us. If you happen to be a graduate of CCS from Batch'84 please join us at CCS84 Yahoogroup or be a part of CCS Batch84 forum.


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