Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Spent the whole day at the church and we've planned to have snack or dinner somewhere in Tiendesitas as they're open until after 9pm. We've rounded the place but after all the food stores and restaurants we've ended up to the kids' favorite Jollibbee lol! My three kids doesn't want to eat those food in SM hypermart catering to different kinds of food, they just want to eat french fries, chicken burgers, spaghetti and chicken so to make the choices simple we just dined in the branch near SM.

We're not really that serious celebrating Father's Day as having a formal dinner or what; just a simple eat-together kind is enough just as long as the whole family is happy. We brought our prayers to God to keep Ed healthy and forever caring. Together with my kids we thanked God that He gave us a father and husband that so loves, understanding and doing his best to keep our family in the bosom of God's love and care. He is not just a good father but also a good minister of God.


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