Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Donate Your Used Boat

Helping others by giving donations is a humble thing to do and gives a certain fulfillment in your heart. What you do to the least of your brother is like doing it to Jesus. Giving shelter to live, food to eat, clothes to warm cold bodies and help to the less fortunate ones are the best deeds in life. What good would it be if you only give to those who can repay you? Those that can’t repay are the ones you should help first. God will be the one to return all the blessings that you gave to others. You can give cash or goods depending on your capacity. Like if you want to give to Angel Ministries you could donate boats so you can help them create children’s animations and anti-drug documentaries.

This is a unique kind of asking donations for a cause, you can donate your used boat of any kind like fishing boat, bowrider boat, cabin cruiser boat, sailboat, skiboat or many other kinds of boat. Angel Ministries promote Boat Donations from all over the nation and they sell these boats at 50% off and use the proceeds to help their partner charities. Their children’s animations DVDs were distributed for free and can teach ethical and moral lessons to children.

I’m really amazed at their brilliant idea of encouraging people to donate used boats for helping less privileged people like the orphans, boys in the rehabilitation homes and even prisoners. This Donate my Boat to Charity program is a big help to those who wants to have a renewed life and better future. So let’s help them now and donate our used boats to them.


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