Monday, June 23, 2008

Worship Amidst Typhoon

Typhoon Frank hits the country with gusty winds and rains which brought about floodwaters in many areas in Visayas. Rizal and Metro Manila were earlier announced as Signal No. 1 only but we experienced winds blowing hard on the roof, trees and billboards. Electricity was cut early dawn Sunday and since that hour we never had a decent sleep.

Rain or shine it's going to be our worship day as long as our car can pass through the fallen trees, slippery road and gusty winds. Even if our brake is slipping we know that God will take care of us in our travel no matter what. Though it took us almost an hour traveling to our church we thanked God that He never let us met accident in the road despite faulty in our brakes. He hold us in His protective hands because He wanted us to have fellowship and we could worship Him amidst Typhoon Frank.


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