Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day of School

It’s the first day of school again; back to super busy schedules of fixing the kids’ things, food and so many school activities. It’s the beginning again of waking up at dawn to prepare food for breakfast and lunch meals of my dear students. I’m again having those first-day-of-school cramps :-). I have a morning to afternoon schedule with my girls and afternoon schedule for my boy. I’ve always see to it that I accompany them on their first day because they want to and I like it also to assist them in anyway I can and meet their teachers too.

Ruth was excited when she entered her classroom with pink wall and pink curtains, she love pink you know. She’s in the fifth grade and she’s grown taller now, my friends kept on telling me that she looked like a grade six or higher because of her height. Gen on her grade four suddenly smiled at having a new classroom on a building away from the small kids’ building, she felt more matured now as she sat on the place given to her by her new teacher. Her room has the best view as they have a very wide veranda in front of their room.

All parents were busy with their children and you can see their caring attention on their children as they assisted them on their way to their classroom entrusting their precious ones to their teachers.


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