Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Josh Is Kinder Now!

Josh was so excited that even if his schedule is on the afternoon he asked me to prepare his things earlier and even requested me to take him to school before lunchtime, really missing his schooling or maybe his school friends. It took me a long time to get ready because I’ve dressed his wound in the forehead. It’s just a small skin infection but I’ve covered it just to be sure that his wound wouldn’t be infected with dirt.

He has a new teacher now but he’s on the same room as when he’s on nursery. He’s very happy to see some of his buddies like Yvan, Rafael, Marc Axl and Louis Andre. Lucky they have each other again for friends. He’s different now unlike last year when he wanted me by his side. He even told me after class that their teacher told them not to bring their moms on the second day lol! That really got me laughing!

I waited for him as I’ve done with all of my kids on their first day and I’m not alone on this as almost every kid has a mommy, granny or nanny waiting for them. After they went out of the room he pleaded to play first in the slide before going home as many kinder students were already on different playthings there, some on the playhouse, others on the seesaw, I also saw one kid on the bike and a lot of them on the slide, the favorite one. Funny thing is the announcement on the wall ‘No Classes Tomorrow’. That announcement on the first day? Yap! Because tomorrow is Provincial Day of Rizal, our province.


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