Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flores De Mayo

We all know that May is the month when flower blooms so beautifully together with different equally pretty ornamental plants. That's why we also chose this month to be our wedding date 12 years ago. I really love the month of May because it brings so many memories of happy childhood playing in the sun with my siblings, cousins and friends, you know I have plenty. Or sometimes playing board games when we want to relax.

That's our usual summer vacation days which was often combined with weekend swimming escapades around the resorts in Rizal towns. It was a happy childhood and teenage years. To coincide with the blooming month and summer vacation, Flores de Mayo was also there to give highlights to this beautiful month, actually it's the month ender. I remember seeing the best Flores De Mayo at the end of the month always.

As you can see here Josh' everyday buddy and friend Carl was beaming with happiness as he and his partner joined the last parade of Flores de Mayo for this year last Saturday May 31. He was looking at us and was excitedly asking if Josh was there to see him, I told him that I'll just take a picture of him because Josh was asleep already.


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