Monday, June 30, 2008

Gen Has Tonsilitis!

Gen was having problems with her throat and when I try to see her tonsils I saw that it’s slightly red. As I’ve experienced this thing with Ruth, my eldest I easily identified it as tonsilitis. I’ve decided to go to office early and go home one hour under time just to have my Gen checked up. After assuring Gen that I’ll be back soon after arranging things in the office I hurriedly got out of the house. What I have before me is a traffic jam with no promise of smoothing down. I easily decided to back out and return to our house to bring my daughter to our doctor. Josh was also with us as he always wants to be with me whenever I’m home.

We waited for our turn and when Dr. Cristy finally examined Gen we both have the same findings, Gen has tonsilitis but on a very early stage that’s why her temperature is still normal. She prescribed Amoxicillin 250mg to be taken in 6 ml. dosage three times a day for 7 days. My two kids were happy after that as after the checkup I’ve already ordered hot Belgian waffle for them, it’s one of their favorites. We also have some waffles for my Mom who’s waiting for us in the house. I’ve prepared the antibiotic mixture for Gen and see to it that she has taken her first dose before I finally went to office again, this time the traffic runs smoothly.


Bravespirit July 2, 2008 at 10:57 AM  

Hi Race. Good decision taking Gen to her doctor right away for a check up. It is really important to have the discernment to act on things promptly. Tonsilitis or sore throat could cause further complications if left untreated. Remember I had Rheumatic Fever due to sore throat. The strep bacteria went down to my heart that caused it to enlarge. It happened because I just ignored having a sore throat that time. Take care Gen!

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