Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yaya Bears

We had a visit to my kids' doctor yesterday to check if Josh has gained some weight after his checkup last June 10, 2008 when he had folliculitis. Doctor's assistant nurse was accommodating as always and super friendly to Josh whom she said she liked very much because Josh is so smart and sweet. I’m happy that after the nurse weighed him we learned that he gained 1.5 kgs. in 20 days. Dr. Cristy congratulated him and since he gained weight I bought another bottle of his new vitamins and food supplement ‘Yaya Bears Multivitamins’ because it has given him and my two daughters much appetite.

This multivitamins comes in gummy bear form and tastes like super yummy. I always tell them not to treat it as candy and take just one bear daily as recommended dosage by their doctor.


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