Friday, June 13, 2008

I Love Reading Books

Ever since I was in high school I was very fond of reading books, actually it’s one of the reasons why I’m nearsighted now. If I started reading a novel I wouldn’t stop until I flipped the back cover. My preferences are varied, I’m interested in so many things in the field of history, science, mystery, travel, home designs and inspirational books. Reading books was a kind of therapy for me as I learn and explore so many things. Now that I’m too busy to look for books that I want to read it’s nice that I can buy my favorite books online. No need to go to bookstore and go through shelves to look for the books that I want.


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Work-At-Home Mom who quit years of corporate life to take care three kids full time. Fond of cooking, reading books and determined to master housekeeping. Created this blog to share about career, job, human resource, hobbies, sports and travel

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