Friday, June 13, 2008

My Company's New Service

Been busy this day with new format for billing for our newest baby in the office and that’s our own America Calls which offers unlimited calls to the Philippines via PLDT, Bayantel landline or Bayantel/IMX Mobile or VoIP. It has an office in New York managed by Ms. Bea. It was primarily offered to Filipinos abroad to have an unlimited chance of talking to their loved ones without spending too much.

It has many things to offer like FREE 24-hour unlimited talk to the Philippines (any hour, any day, anytime), FREE America personal telephone number. When you dial the number, it automatically connects to your Philippine landline or cellphone. It also has a FREE America Calls dialer to enable you to call using your PC or Laptop from the USA or anywhere in the world.

For your recipient in the Philippines we give FREE Bayantel landline/mobile phone which can also make FREE local calls to any landline within the same area code. Unlike Bayantel, a PLDT landline phone connects ONLY to your American phone (No local calls). In the Philippines, use your DSL or broadband connection for your Unlimited Calls using our Internet Phone.For inquiries and assistance we have a FREE 24-Hour Assistance by our friendly and accommodating customer service representatives who will answer all your questions about our product, just call our hotline 1-888-845-9063.


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