Thursday, June 19, 2008

It’s Our National Hero’s 147th Bday!

I was arranging my husband’s lunch kit early morning when Josh suddenly asked me who is Jose Rizal, I was surpised by the sudden question but I immediately answered him that Rizal is the Filipino’s national hero. Then I passed by the television morning news and there it was, the news station newscaster is talking about the 147th birthday of our hero. She was talking to the curator of the Rizal’s house and the lady curator showed her the rooms of the house describing the history behind the parts of the house. It was a nice antique house and I was there with my kids only last year. The house depicts many memories of the past and in the morning show I learned that Jose Rizal stayed there only up to nine years old then he studied abroad.

The whole town of Calamba, Laguna prepared many programs and it seemed like the whole town is busy with the birthday of their hometown hero. They’re very proud of him and who wouldn’t be. I’m proud that he’s from the same province as my mother’s race, we’re from Famy. Laguna.

I have some pictures here of Rizal’s house in Calamba, Laguna during one of my kids’ field trip.


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