Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweet Fifteen

My niece will be celebrating her 15th birthday this year and as early as this time she is busy planning her birthday guest list, dress and menu. Actually here in the Philippines we never really make 15th birthday a big bash as the most celebrated birthdays are sweet sixteen and debut on the 18th year of the celebrant. But in some countries they really took time and effort to celebrate Quinceanera birthday or what we commonly called 15th birthday.

The Latino people in the Spanish speaking regions of the Americas celebrate a young lady’s fifteenth birthday in the most memorable way, unique and different from all of the young woman’s birthday. They chose the best
Quinceanera Dresses for the occasion just like celebrating debut. And because population of the Latino is increasing in number the Quinceanera ceremony is becoming more popular and well celebrated. They really stick to maintaining old tradition of making this occasion a special one.

Now to make it more memorable and almost perfect there is an online site that provides resources in planning your Quinceanera. Yes, Quinceanera specializes in planning your 15th birthday decorations, theme ideas, dresses and gowns, party favors, gifts and Quinceanera Invitations. It’s actually a party planner to help you in making this birthday memorable and beautiful. This site focus mainly on providing all resources needed for a Sweet Fifteen celebration, it’s like welcoming a young lady from being a big girl into becoming a young woman, the threshold of a girl into a young lady. A sweet and nice young lady!


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