Monday, June 2, 2008

My Verifier Card

Finally I’m finished with all the requirements in sending, receiving and lifting my limits in my Paypal. Had an extended time arranging my paypal expanded code because of some difficulty in reaching customer service, my! Their customer service is always busy you need to have patience to wait for your turn. My inquiry last week with one CSR was not answered properly leading to the delay in getting my expanded code.

Now I’ve just talked to CSR Mary and she was great in explaining things and what went wrong – there’s an error in deducting amount from my account they just deducted PhP1.00 instead of $1.95. She gave me an assurance that as soon as I linked my card they’ll give me my paypal expanded code. You know I was worried that I’ll wait another 3-5 days. True to her word I was given my code right after I linked again and PhP87.25 was deducted from my deposit. Then I confirmed my code and presto – I’m ready now.

To make things more better I added my BDO account, it was a payroll account actually and I was just trying it, but it was accepted. Now I can withdraw without charges (at least for PhP7k and up).


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