Monday, June 9, 2008

Travel To France

I’ve always love to travel to places with great historical background and culture. It has always been my favorite subject in my high school days. I dig various histories of different countries especially those with modern culture now thinking how they reached the modern transition. I’ve been reading a lot these days and been fascinated with the rich culture, background history and tradition of France which is a much known country now. I also love the beautiful places there and been fascinated with the 14th century castle Fort La Latte in northern Brittany. I came to know its beauty and how it came to exist up to now despite being attacked and dismantled. Now it has been restored and you can visit its spectacular beauty.

Beside the splendor of the magical beauty of the castle there are many other places that a traveler would love to visit and stay on Hotel Paris where you can have the comfort and experience the luxury of staying in a hotel with all the best deal you can find. After all you really need to stay to visit all the wonderful places, experience and see the beauty of France like the famous prehistoric paintings at the Lascaux Cave in Dordogne, the luscious French chocolates and perfumes, the undeniable beauty of French crafts and fashion, the “Cable-Stayed Bridge” or Millau Viaduct and many other things that France offers to their visitors and guests.


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