Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having Problem With Your Mitral Valve?

Maintaining a healthy body is best achieved with proper exercise, enough sleep and a balanced diet food. If your body is healthy you’re rarely gets sick. Healthy means all your vital organs are functioning properly and well maintained with the right kind of food and vitamins. We should take good care of our lungs, kidney, heart and many other organs that help our body from getting sickness. As I mentioned heart I can’t help remembering how a senior officemate in my past job suffered from stenosis and he submitted himself for a mitral valve surgery which prolonged his life up to this time. Back then I was amazed by the high technology that our science has invented.

I was thinking what if my officemate lived in the old generation where there’s no surgery or repair can be done if you encountered a disorder in your mitral valve. Well we should be relieved that in our generation many good things are available to help us recover from our hearts’ disorders. After all heart problems most of the times causes stroke, one of the most deadly sickness that can happen to you. Heart is really a very sensitive organ because that’s what give us breathe.

I was doing some research these past few days because I wasn’t feeling good about my breathing interval when I saw this Maryland Heart Center site that taught me a lot about how modern science can make wonders with mitral valve repair surgery. They are a group of specialists who performs mitral valve repair and replacement. What’s good about these expert surgeons is that they will do everything to repair the mitral valve instead of replacing it for their patients to be saved from blood-thinning medications. So if there’s anyone in your family who needed surgery in their mitral valve you can help them live a more happy life by restoring the healthy function of their mitral valve.


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