Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Thumb Drive Is Gone!

Oh no my flash drive is gone! I’ve been using my flash drive to save all my personal works during lunch breaks and every thing that’s not related to my office work. It’s been my practice every morning to connect it at the back of my office PC and before going home I remove it. It’s a practice and habit for me just like washing face and brushing my teeth.

I left my cubicle and had a break with my officemates, we had some snack in the pantry and lo when I returned and tried to save a file IT WASN’T THERE! It’s strange, but it’s true it’s gone and no one has been there in my place, I find it weird! One of my fellow staff here has been telling me about seeing some unusual being here but I just pray that thing to move away, now I have a feeling that I’m being played upon. Ok I just wish that my flash drive will come back on its own. All my files were there, at least my backup files in my home PC had been updated a week ago so I’ll have to recover my one week personal files. What a day! Whatever it is I know God has a purpose for that. I have to go now for my bible study!


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