Sunday, August 17, 2008


Living in a tropical country all my life I didn’t find the need for a gas fire to keep us warm during winters as here in our place there’s only two season dry and wet season or you can also call it summer and rainy days. In the northern part of the country or most commonly known as the summer capital of this country they use fireplaces to keep them warm on very cold months. They use contemporary gas fires to add warmth to their bodies. My sister-in-law married an Englishman and for many years now lives in Great Britain.

On her yearly visits here she was telling me how important fireplaces are to them, it’s one of the basic component of every house there especially during heavy winter season. She and her kids would always love to sit in front of their gas fires and spent lazy afternoons bonding with each other. There are times that they’re confined to their homes because of too much snow.

Now we have the most modern technology even in fireplaces, I’ve browsed about fireplaces online and I’ve found Hotprice, a UK retailer of gas and electric fires. They offer extensive range of electric inset fire, wall mounted contemporary electric suites, inset gas fires, outset gas fires, wall mounted gas fires, and impressive collection of fireplaces in limestone, wooden or beautiful stone effect. When it comes to brands they also have the leading brands of fireplace manufacturers in varied styles. I was particularly interested in power flue gas fire which is designed for homes without flue or chimney. I was also glued to their collection of electric fires which for me are the most comfortable and convenient like the hang-on-the-wall electric fire which is very flexible and you can save a lot of space in your room.

Actually my sister-in-law was now planning to change her current gas fire into electric fire as she finds it more adequate to their house. She’s now choosing the style that she wants and contemplating on a very modern kind. No need to worry about the cost as they have a price match guarantee which assures the buyer of the best deals in the market.


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