Monday, August 18, 2008

My Ruth Turns 11 today!

It’s my Ruth’s 11th birthday and as I see her now I still can’t believe that she’ll grow faster than I ever imagine. She’s only an inch away from her Tita Redge and keeps on getting taller. Ruth and I were planning her birthday weeks ago, first plan was to celebrate it at their school but since it falls on a holiday we then planned to invite her friends at our house. Days before her birthday we decided to go malling and spend her birthday there because Ruth’s siblings voted also for going out to the mall.

My mom was sick since Sunday and because of this I just took my kids to the mall, let them play in their favorite Tom’s World, had some snack, shop for their clothes & shoes and bought foodie for birthday house celebration. I bought some foods for my Mom-those that she can eat now that she’s sick because lately she didn’t want to eat as her taste bud gone sour. I didn’t cook as our full attention was on my Mom so we bought the kids’ favorites-cakes, pizza, ice cream and chicken.

I heard Josh mumbling that he’s tired and wanted to go home to his granny (my Mom) so we finished everything and went back home. We’re just away for more than two hours and Mom was happy that we’re back; we set everything up and feasted on the food. Mom’s better now after our Pastor and my brother had her prayed over. Thanks God for healing her. I can celebrate my daughter’s birthday now with cheers as Mom is smiling now.


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